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Congratulations on the creation of Paiwan Wikipedia! However, this Wikipedia is not fully ready yet and needs your help to get started; Don't edit anything except your talkpage!

  1. Please check that all pages are imported from Wikimedia incubator; after this process and checking is complete, the main page will be changed.
  2. Please check that there are no other problems with the wiki settings. Of course, statistics will not work properly now. This usually resolves automatically within 2 weeks.

Thank you for your efforts, and congratulations once again. I look forward to your cooperation. --Sotiale (maljavar) 2021年10月28日 (sikasapatj a qadav na tamiciyuan) 19:41 (CST)回覆[回覆]

Hi, I just checked that the number of pages imported from incubator to pwnwiki is correct. So I changed the main page; You can now start editing. However, some features may still not work, but this will be resolved automatically within 2 weeks. If that doesn't work, please contact me. Also, if you find any other issues, please let me know. I hope you have a great time on your new wiki! --Sotiale (maljavar) 2021年10月29日 (sikalima qadav na tamiciyuan) 22:18 (CST)回覆[回覆]